Sincerely, Victor Pike, 2023

Single-channel video


Sincerely, Victor Pike delves into the concept of community—a distinct, diverse, geographically and chronologically varied community. It extends beyond a community of queer individuals, embodying the original sense of the word as these people never met in time or space but only exist in my memory. The work explores what constitutes a community, how it is framed and shaped, and, most importantly, how it is maintained and cared for.

Utilizing machine learning and AI generative algorithms to transform personal memories, Gregor Petrikovič presents a multitude of voices, inviting various personas into a dialogue that intertwines with physical forms, movements, and gestures.

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Gregor Petrikovič is a Slovak-British visual artist and director living and working in London. With a background in philosophy, photography and dance, his works employ bodies and movement as a driving force to engage with themes of human connection that lie beneath the surface.

His films were exhibited at Kunsthalle Bratislava, Oberhausen International Film Festival, Athens Digital Arts Festival, and The Swiss Archive of the Performing Arts, among others. He was a Burberry Design Scholar and holds MA from the Royal College of Art’s Graduate Photography Program and Durham University’s BA Philosophy Program. He recently completed a residency at The International Studio & Curatorial Program (ISCP) in New York.