AI’s new aesthetics and languages are shaping the contemporary art field at an accelerating rate, raising a full range of questions about the present and future of artistic creation regarding issues such as originality, creativity or authorship. For this reason, Colección SOLO, created SOLO AI ‘23 AWARD to encourage artists to expand and enrich the possibilities around innovative digital art.


Colección SOLO awarded the artist Lars Nagler with 10,000€, who also took part in the collective exhibition «Protection No Longer Assured» in Espacio SOLO in 2023.

"Sin Cave (+&-)". Courtesy of Lars Nagler.

Born in East Germany, the first professional paths that he chose did not have much to do with art — he was a cook and a theatre stage decorator. Then, he studied photography at the Bauhaus Weimar and, since 2007, he’s a freelance artist, designer, creator of music videos, exhibitions, and commissioned works.

At the beginning of 2021, he started experimenting with AI tools, and also entered the NFT ecosystem. One of his main interest is the man and his motives, his being, his doing, and his thinking. His endless curiosity and knowledge of life allows him to dive into topics of interest in a completely new and different way using AI.

Lars emphasized the importance of human-machine collaboration and its intrinsic contingency: «Each AI tool comes with its own character«.

«I think that unique AI art comes best from a wealth of experience in seeing/hearing/thinking».

"XPLRZ - 03". Courtesy of Lars Nagler.

Inspiration for his art comes from renowned artists and filmmakers like Edgar Reitz, Alexander Kluge, August Sander, Ansel Adams, Werner Herzog, and Ingmar Bergman.

«The Garden of…» (2023) moving image piece was exhibited as part of the collective exhibition Protection No Longer Assured at Espacio SOLO.

Still from "The Garden of..." (2023). Exhibited at Espacio SOLO.