Symphony of Shadows, 2023
Multi-channel installation

Symphony of Shadows delves into Carl Jung’s collective unconscious theory by analyzing dreams from 100 individuals to reveal humanity’s shared shadow archetypes.

Transcending mere visual art, the immersive project creates a collective dream space that resonates with deep, often unacknowledged emotions, thus bridging individual and collective experiences. Symphony of Shadows reflects on how technology can amplify our understanding of shared human emotions, pushing the boundaries of artistic expression and introspection.


Wanrong Zhu, an innovative avant-garde artist based in London, is pursuing a Master’s degree in Photography at the Royal College of Art. Practice spans photography, installations, performance, sound, and AI creation. She is dedicated to probing the relationship between technology and humanity through her art.

Her piece Butterfly at a group exhibition titled «You» in Beijing’s 798 Art Zone in 2018; In October 2021, she was invited by Bazaar Art to collaborate with Beijing United Family Hospital on an outdoor landmark art therapy installation Gedulah. In 2022, she created the closing masterpiece for Wuhan Fashion Week using XR technology to shoot a virtual reality metaverse fashion show titled Shi Kuang; her digital art with thermosensitive technology The Fence of the Screen at the opening group exhibition of Chongqing’s YOUNG SPACE galley in June 2023; Her multimedia work, A Murder, is on view at Ugly Space in February and her work Symphony of Shadows exhibited at the RCA in December 2023. Her multimedia immersive installation Spirit Never Dies was displayed on April 30 2024 at the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge. Symphony of Shadows and Requiem of the White Lily demonstrate her fusion of art with AI technology to explore the visual representation of collective unconscious and memory. 

She has continually tried to use new technologies and photography to explore new visual forms. As a renowned Chinese fashion photographer with an avant-garde style, she has consistently created creative images for well known artists and models, her works frequently appearing in top media magazines such as Bazaar Art, L’OFFICIEL HOMMES.

Wanrong’s artistic career is marked by a continuous exploration of the unknown and a challenge to existing boundaries. Her works invite audiences into a world where technology and art intertwine, offering novel expressions of human emotions and collective memory.