VI-SCENT.Lab_Memory Archiving System, 2023

VI-SCENT.Lab_Memory Archiving System visually transforms scent memories with AI. After collecting scent memories from 24 scent samples, Liu collated them with different memories associated with each scent, extracting key words from their narratives. The keywords were converted into AI prompts, creating visual memory chips presented to the audience in petri dishes.

Yuqing Liu explores whether the AI’s level of representation of human senses and emotions could resonate with people, while completing the visual transformation of olfactory memories.

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VI-SCENT.Lab_ Memory Archiving System_Human-AI collaboration in Olfactory Visualization_2960 pixels x 2056 pixels_2023

Yuqing Liu an esteemed olfactory interaction artist and immersive experience designer, is celebrated for her groundbreaking work in human olfaction and memory. Utilizing advanced multi-sensory technologies, Liu explores how scents influence memory preservation and formation. Her journey began during her postgraduate studies, where she developed innovative olfactory interaction design methodologies, culminating in a widely acclaimed graduate project. This immersive olfactory space, featured at the UAL graduate exhibition in December 2021 and on the school’s official website, marked the start of her notable career.

In 2022, Liu expanded her influence as a lecturer in olfactory interaction art, focusing on the transformative power of scent in memory and narrative. Collaborating with educational institutions in China, she shared her knowledge and expertise, further establishing her role in the art and educational community.

Liu’s work reached new heights in 2023, playing a key role in Omega’s Every Shade of You campaign in partnership with EcoScent. She crafted five unique scents, enhancing the audience’s experience with the brand’s new watch colors. This project underscored her leadership in experiential marketing and olfactory art.

Her artistic vision continued with VI-SCENT.Lab_Memory Archiving System and The Boiling Ocean, showcased in London-based exhibitions in 2023. These works, celebrated on social media, further elevated Liu’s standing in contemporary art.

As an art creator at the dawn of her career, Liu is optimistic about the future of olfactory interaction. Her extensive experience and research position her to continue innovating in scent, memory, and interactive art, making her a standout figure in the art world.